PBS Biddingstrategies

Our Terms and Conditions

1) Payments are due no later than the 11th of the month. A late fee of $10.00 may be charged if payments are not received by the 20th.

2) Bidders are requested to have their preferences for the upcoming bid month to us before the 2nd to last day of the bid window. Requests received after that date may not be processed. Due to the large number of bidders we have, we want to make sure we accommodate everyone.

3) We always try to fulfill change requests. However, wholesale changes to a bid may incur an additional charge. Note: Days off requests are not considered wholesale changes.

4) The preferential method of communicating your bid preferences is via email. While we can take telephone requests, we would like to limit this method as much as possible. Challenges with ‘telephone tag’ and schedule make this method time-consuming and inefficient.

5) Cherry-picking specific pairing numbers, while seemingly a worthwhile endeavor, can actually be detrimental to your bid results. Unless you are very senior, asking for specific pairings can cause a negative domino effect on your schedule. We ask that for your sake and ours, you limit this practice when possible.

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